Party Pizza with Grecoworks (or any 3 Ingredients)
24-Slice Party Grecoworks Pizza (or your three favourite toppings), with FREE Flavoured Crust! And add a LARGE (15") Garlic Fingers with free dip for only $12.00 more.
Calzone Lunch
Your choice of delicious combinations
2 Donair Meal
2 Regular donairs, a small garlic fingers - Always with FREE Flavoured crust!) and pop
Extreme Combo!
It's a Medium (12") Pizza with Grecoworks or your choice of 3 ingredients, a 9" garlic fingers and 2 cans of pop
Greco's Dynamic Duo
12" Pizza with 3 of your favorite toppings, and a 12" Garlic Fingers
Two Can Dine!
It's a 9" Pizza with your choice of 3 ingredients, 9" Garlic Fingers, and 2 cans of pop.
Back to School Special
A Large (15") Pizza with Grecoworks (or 3 ingredients), Medium (12") Garlic Fingers & Free Dip, and a Greco Draw String Bag!
Our Everyday Family Special!
Large (15") Pizza (with up to 3 toppings), 12" Garlic Fingers and 4 cans of Pepsi!
Donair Deal
Two 1/2 pound donairs and small Garlic Fingers with Free Dipping Sauce!
A delicious 3/4lb calzone and a can of pop
New! Festive OvenSub
Holiday Flavour is here! Stuffing, gravy, cranberry, grilled chicken and mayo on an oven-toasted bun.
Snack Pack!
8 GrecoWings with free dipping sauce, and 2 Donair Eggrolls. Upgrade to Boneless Grecowings for just $1.00 more!
1/4Lb Don / Pop
12" Caesar Chicken Bacon
12" Sweet Heat Chicken
Large Grecoworks Pizza!
Large (15") Grecoworks Pizza (or your three favourite toppings), with FREE Garlic Parmesan Crust!
12" Spicy BBQ Chicken
Greco Draw String Bag