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New Spicy Shawarma! thumbnail
New Spicy Shawarma!

Spicy chicken wrapped n a warm pita with cucumbers, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and tangy tzatziki sauce

1/4 Lb Chicken Donair thumbnail
1/4 Lb Chicken Donair

Spicy chicken wrapped in a warm, fluffy pita with tomatoes, onions and our famous donair sauce.

Party Pizza with Grecoworks (or any 3 Ingredients) thumbnail
Party Pizza with Grecoworks (or any 3 Ingredients)

24-Slice Party Grecoworks Pizza (or your three favourite toppings), with FREE Flavoured Crust

Large Donair Pizza thumbnail
Large Donair Pizza

Choose from our traditional beef or new spicy chicken donair

Cheese and Bacon Garlic Bread thumbnail
Cheese and Bacon Garlic Bread

Full Donair Ovensub thumbnail
Full Donair Ovensub

Juicy chicken or spicy beef,with onions, tomatoes and our famous sweet sauce

OvenSub Deal thumbnail
OvenSub Deal

6" OvenSub, a Gourmet Cookie and a can of pop

Plant Pepp Deal thumbnail
Plant Pepp Deal

A Medium pizza with our new plant-based pepperoni. Try it with Works or Pepperoni and Cheese* *Plant based pepperoni contains gluten and the cheese contains dairy.

Medium Cauliflower Crust Pizza thumbnail
Medium Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Have you tried our new cauliflower crust? Available in Donair, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Works, Meats, Veggie, and Cheese

9" Deal thumbnail
9" Deal

It's a 9" Pizza with your choice of 3 ingredients, 9" Garlic Fingers, and 2 cans of pop.

2 Donair Deal thumbnail
2 Donair Deal

Two 1/4 pound donairs, small Garlic Fingers with Free Dipping Sauce and 2 cans of pop!

Greco's Dynamic Duo thumbnail
Greco's Dynamic Duo

12" Pizza with 3 of your favorite toppings, and a 12" Garlic Fingers

Back to School Pizza Combo thumbnail
Back to School Pizza Combo

9" Pizza with grecoworks or 3 ingredients, a can of pop and a Greco Pizza Phone Grip

Back to School Donair Combo thumbnail
Back to School Donair Combo

Our famous 1/4 pound donair, a can of pop and a Greco Pizza phone grip

Our Everyday Family Special! thumbnail
Our Everyday Family Special!

Large (15") Pizza (with up to 3 toppings), 12" Garlic Fingers and 4 cans of Pepsi!

8 Wings Deal thumbnail
8 Wings Deal

8 Grecowings and your choice of dips

4 Gourmet Cookies thumbnail
4 Gourmet Cookies

8 Boneless Wings thumbnail
8 Boneless Wings

6 Egg Rolls thumbnail
6 Egg Rolls


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